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I ordered two items through amazon from this company.one arrived just fine, the other was the wrong thing.

It happens. This is when the trouble started. First it took them a week to get a return label. The company itself will not help and we had to go back through amazon before they would pay attention.

The item was returned promptly and verified. Still no big deal, but now trying to find the status of our order has become frustrating. There is no customer service. When you call you are directed all over just to be told to leave a message.

The site says they will return messages within 24 hours, but they don't.

the only response I have got was an email asking if I need a return label three days after the item had been returned.It is frustrating to say the least.

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I use to work there so reading this is no surprise to me. It's a small company run on a small staff and people just get ignored.

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